Product information:

Enjoy a virtual cheese tasting from the comfort of your own home. We will send you a cheese box containing five cheeses and email you a video link. Max Melvin, our Senior Cheesemonger, will talk you through the cheeses we have selected and  why they are particularly good at this time of year. A great way to spend an evening!

The Cheese Box will contain:

  • 5 x 80g (approx.) of Farmhouse Cheeses (unless small individual unit)
  • Packet of La Fromagerie Biscuits for Cheese
  • Set of Tasting Notes

CHABICHOU, POITOU-CHARENTES | Unpasteurised Goat’s Milk. Traditional Rennet. 

A soft, fresh tasting cheese, shaped like a gently tapered cylinder. The texture is smooth yet quite close-textured.

TOMME FLEURETTE, WADTLANDER ALPEN | Unpasteurised Cow’s Milk. Traditional Rennet
From the Canton du Vaud in Western Switzerland this tender little morsel has a thin bloomy rind clinging onto the almost melting pâté.

CHALLERHOCKER, TOGGENBURG | Thermised Cow's Milk. Traditional Rennet.
Very reflective of the Appenzeller style with its sweet hazelnut aroma & chewy texture, but with a more robust taste.

GUBBEEN, CO. CORK | Pasteurised Cow's Milk. Traditional Rennet.
This wonderful washed rind cheese has a supple springy texture and a pleasant savoury herby flavour.

LANARK BLUE, LANARKSHIRE | Pasteurised Ewe’s Milk; Traditional Rennet.
Powerful and not for the faint-hearted, this cheese has a sharp acidity and meaty vegetal flavours.

LA FROMAGERIE reserves the right to make substitutions if necessary without prior notice.

When placing your order, please select a delivery date that is ideally 2 days before you are planning to enjoy the tasting. When your order is dispatched we will send you a pre-recorded cheese tutorial by WeTransfer, please download, check it is the correct recording, and store until you are ready to begin the tasting. The link will expire in 3-5 days of receipt. Do also check your spam folder.

If you have not received the box by 11am the day before your tasting email us and we will do our best to track the package.

Please note the image of the cheeseboard shows whole or larger pieces of cheese that you will receive. These images are for marketing purposes only and are not indicative of the size of cheeses you will receive.