Affogato Corretto

Our friends at Ice Cream Union have been making a beautiful coffee ice cream, especially for La Fromagerie, using our house espresso blend, San Luis and Raigode from Le Piantagioni del Caffé, from Florence. It is a proper coffee lover’s coffee ice cream, sweet and aromatic but pleasingly bitter to balance. We have devised a play on the classic affogato of an espresso poured over vanilla icerecrae, or in our case we use Icecream Union’s Fior di Latte Icecream as part of our Summer in the City offering.

Inspired by Alessandro Grano, our head chef who hails from Puglia, told us of coffee bars all over Italy, in the afternoon, you can occasionally hear the following order, “un Caffé corretto”, “one adjusted coffee”. Once the espresso is downed the barista obligingly pours a shot of Amaro, which means “bitter”, into the espresso cup to wash the residual espresso. A rather adult combination forming a delicious mid-afternoon, or mid-morning for that matter, pick me up. A ‘tirami-su’ for grownups, if ever there was one! The perfect combination for our ‘adjusted affogato’!

 On our menus you’ll now find ‘Affogato corretto’: a scoop of Ice Cream Union Le Piantagioni coffee ice cream with a shot of the Sicilian Amaro, Averna, poured over the top. The combination is deep and complex, lifting the flavour of each component with a perfect combination of sweet, bitter, creamy, herbal and fruity. Perfect as an after dinner digestif or a late afternoon enlivener. 

One treat that may well stay long after summer disappears…