ANDALUCÍA: Saturday 23 Sept 2023


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ANDALUCÍA: Saturday 23 Sept 2023

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Date: Saturday 23 September 2023
Time: 6.45pm-9.30pm



Manzanilla Sherry, Tonic, Amalfi Lemon

A Tasting of Regional Spanish Cheeses & Produce
Flight of six fine wines from Jerez & beyond 

Dessert Fior di Latte, Malaga Raisin Icecream, Pedro Ximenez 

Hosted by Patricia Michelson & Max Melvin.
We invite you to join us for the next in our series of tastings dedicated to the tastes and traditions of European subregions. For our next deep-dive we will exploring the fine wines and produce of the Andalusia.

A formative region in natural and human history since deep in the Palaeolithic era, its coastline sits on the nexus where the European and African continents and the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea meet. The fragrant warm salty breeze blows through the narrow streets of some of the oldest European cities still standing.

An area rich in trade for millennia, Andalucía saw many Western European firsts from citrus and spices to quinces and even goats! Later it became home to Central and South American wonders from the familiar tomato to the exotic fruit, Cherimoya of the Andes - considered to be ‘the masterpiece of Nature’ by the botanists and prospectors of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, now grown in the mineral rich soils of Andalusia with such success the region has been given a PDO.

Andalusia is home to Jerez, the birthplace of Sherry. Much maligned and undervalued due to changing fashions and memories of sweet insipid versions made to suit British tastes, this region nonetheless produces some of finest wines in the world. The likes of Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado and Oloroso sherries are finally gaining the recognition they deserve. They can be savoury, even bone dry and always incredibly complex and delicious - perfect accompaniments the bounty of produce made in the region from goat and ewes milk cheeses like Los Balanchares and Payoyo to Aloreña olives, Malaga raisins made from aromatic Moscatel de Alejandría grapes, Jamon de Jabugo and Mojama (cured tuna).

Andalusia is also home to many other styles of fine wines now making waves in wine lists across the world. The cult white wines of Bodega Cota 45, north of Jerez and Cadiz and the dry Moscatels from Sierras de Málaga are paving the way for diverse wine making in the region in this and the next century.

We will explore this and much more on the evening starting with a refreshing Salmorejo and a regional aperitif followed by a wine flight and a board of the region’s best cheese and produce, ending with something sweet flavoured with the luscious Pedro-Ximénez, all exclusive to the tasting.

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