Pasta Store Cupboard Essentials


Pasta Store Cupboard Essentials

Product information:

We are delighted to present the first in our series of pantry boxes showcasing some of La Fromagerie's finest products.

We are starting with five high-quality ingredients, perfect to make the quintessential pasta with tomato sauce.

1 x 1kg Durum Wheat Pasta. Pastificio Setaro, established in 1939 near Naples, where the pasta is meticulously crafted using ancient bronze die casting methods and air-dried through large windows, allowing the Mediterranean breeze to create a uniquely textured pasta that perfectly captures the essence of Italy. Kindly note we cannot guarantee the pasta shape that you will receive as it is subject to availability.

1 x 300ml Antica Enotria Tomato & Basil SauceAntica Enotria, the pride of organic farming in Apulia since 1993, passionately preserves tradition and genuine flavours. Their beloved sauce, a favourite among Italians, combines the essence of tomato, basil, and their own extra virgin olive oil for a delightful dish that captures the freshness of freshly picked tomatoes.

1 x 80g Elena Luigi Chilli Paste: Using only fresh chilli peppers and extra virgin olive oil as ingredients, free from artificial colourings or preservatives, the paste delivers an intense chilli flavour with a balanced, satisfying spiciness that enhances the dishes it complements.

1 x 500ml La Fromagerie Olive Oil: Our signature extra virgin olive oil is made in Puglia by a team of 14 women at Masseria Dauna using Peranzana olives, a green indigenous variety. Part of a small production of only 2000 bottles per year, this olive oil has a delicate flavour with a peppery finish.

200g Parmigiano Reggiano PDO: Our 36-month Parmigiano Reggiano is made with raw cow's milk from Emilia-Romagna and hand cut by our cheesemongers. With its nutty yet savoury flavour, it is the perfect cheese to enhance this tomato sauce recipe. 


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